Throne of Glass Themed Gifts

'Tis the season to be jolly
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

It's almost Christmas! And you know what that means don't you? Gifts!

[cue the Jingle Bell Rock song]

It's the season of giving so what better way to kick it off than to give some Throne of Glass themed gifts! You can be creative and DIY your gifts of course, because who said gifts have to be expensive? 

But if you're ever low on creativity, high on some spare cash and have little time to think of anything else, you can purchase some of these Throne of Glass merchandise! 


House Whitethorn shirt (x)

House Ashryver shirt (x)

Showcase your house pride with these cool statement shirts, click here to view more houses and designs from Laura Pohl's Throne of Glass spreadshirt shop. 

Killing Calm shirt (x)

iPhone cases

'The Lord of the North' iPhone case (x)

'House Whitethorn' iPhone case (x)

'Keep Calm and Call Celaena' iPhone case (x)

'House Sardothien' iPhone case (x)

'Minimalist - Celaena Sardothien' iPhone case (x)

Buy these case designs for your friends, family, loved ones (or even yourself, mostly yourself). See more designs here.


Amulet of Orynth (x)

Amulet of Orynth (x)

Chaol's Amethyst Ring (x)

Eye of Elena necklace (x)

Sword of Damaris Earrings (x)

Sword of Damaris Necklace (x)

See more Throne of Glass accessories and other book-themed accessories on Cadsawan.


Christmas is a time for giving, the line is overused but the meaning is under appreciated. 

Try reaching out to a charity this Christmas season and donate some clothes you no longer want to keep, volunteer in a soup kitchen or simply greet the people on the streets. Spread the Christmas spirit, be the joy in other people's lives.

Merry Christmas Throne of Glass fans!
God bless you all.

xx Lyanna

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