Survival Guide to Assassin's Blade

I don't know about you but Assassin's Blade brought me to tears. Sure it was only five novellas, five novellas, but hell, that ending was NO EASY READ. So here's a survival guide to all of you who haven't read it yet. (by the way, you should read it, right away.)

Oh but before the Survival Guide.

You're probably wondering why you should read the Assassin's Blade if it's "just a bunch of novellas," well it's not, okay, it's not just a bunch of novellas, it's the bunch of novellas. If you think it doesn't do you any good when reading Throne of Glass, think again, it does you plenty good. It paints you a better picture of who Celaena was before spending time in Endovier, and better yet, it shows you who Sam sexy freakin ass Cortland is.

If you're worried about which to read first, Throne of Glass or Assassin's Blade, we wrote an article about the right way of reading them here.

Carrying on to the Survival Guide…

1. Towels: tissue doesn't cut it.

2. Let people know: before hand, you should inform your parents, family, boyfriends, friends etc. that you will be undergoing a traumatic event and that they shouldn't worry because it won't last longer than forever.

3. Water-proof mascara: to fight those unwanted mascara tear stains!

4. Comfort object: a pillow or stuffed toy (or person) you can hug during those "oh my god that didn't happen, no, no, no" times.

5. Water: gotta stay hydrated!

6. Charger: can't have that device dying on the good (or sad) parts!

7. Cheerful music: something's gotta cheer you up!

8. Don't read in public: for obvious reasons

9. Comfort food: LISTEN UP, I don't care if you're on a diet. Screw the diet! You'll need this, you will need it! Trust me, you'll finish that bag of chips and can of soda like your life depended on it.

10. Do you ever get over it? Not really, no.

[slowly wipes away tear] there you have it, I hope you have a much, much easier time reading The Assassin's Blade than I did. 


  1. It killed me just as much too! Where was this survival guide WHILE I was reading Assassin's Blade?! UGH!

  2. I seriously love your blog though! Throne of Glass is my life!

  3. My diet was ruined because of this book. :-(((