Will There Be A Throne of Glass Movie?

Will there be a Throne of Glass movie? Everyone is scratching their heads wondering! Some are praying for movie rights to be sold and others are dreading the day that they do.

Well… hate to break it to you (or not, depends on what you want) but no, it hasn't been officially picked up for a movie yet. Though, I'm left with the impression that Sarah J. Maas is aiming to get movie rights signed.


It's evidently there on the contact page of her blog.


She hired a Film Agent.
That sort of seals the deal. 

At January 21, 2011, Sarah J. Maas announced on her livejournal blog that she asked Jon Cassir - a film agent of CAA - to represent the film option rights for Throne of Glass.

I'm really happy for her and for the series, I think this is a great opportunity for Throne of Glass fans to see the characters and story be brought to life on the big screen. My (and probably everyone else's) worry mostly centers on the casting. Castings are tricky because we have to not only look for an actor/actress who looks like the character but also someone who has the ability to embody them accurately.

So I guess right now we'll just have to wait and see if anyone picks up the series. But so far, it seems like Sarah J. Maas is on-board with the idea.

Do you want a movie-adaptation?


  1. Like you said, I'm worried about them messing up the castings, but generally I guess I have a positive outlook on the prospect of ToG becoming a movie!

  2. Same here! I'd be psyched to have it as a movie! I just wish they'd stick to the plot and everything and not ruin like Percy Jackson!

  3. Percy Jackson [shakes head] I don't know whether to feel relieved or sad that they're not continuing the franchise anymore...

  4. We've got a new post on our dream cast actually! You can see it here: http://throneofglass.blogspot.com/2014/07/dream-cast-the-big-three.html

  5. Percy Jackson was just a huuuuge disappointment!

  6. I'm actually GLAD that they dropped it! Even the fans don't want to see it on screen anymore!