Which To Read First: Assassin's Blade or Throne of Glass

The ever prominent question of which to read first has invaded forums all over the interwebs, leaving readers either satisfied or more confused than ever. Today, we hope to answer that question - adequately - so that you can finally get on with reading the series.

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What is Assassin's Blade? Is it the first book? 

Assassin's Blade is a book of five novellas that transpired before Throne of Glass.
It is NOT the first book, but it did happen before the first book.

Should I even read Assassin's Blade? Can I ditch it altogether?

Reading or not reading Assassin's Blade will not hinder you from understanding the series.

But my recommendation, for whatever it's worth, is that you should read it. I personally enjoyed Assassin's Blade tremendously more than Throne of Glass. It'll also help you get an in-depth view of what Celaena went through and who she was before her time in Endovier.

Besides, you'll get to know SAM sexy fcuking ass CORTLAND.

So Throne of Glass is the first book? Not Assassin's Blade?


But if I were to list the books chronologically, it would go like this.
  • Assassin's Blade (Throne of Glass #0.5)
  • Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1)
  • Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2)
  • Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3)
  • Throne of Glass #4 
  • Throne of Glass #5
  • Throne of Glass #6
So should I read Throne of Glass first?

Now this is where it gets tricky. If you're the kind of person who doesn't like spoilers, at all, then I'd recommend you read Assassin's Blade first. If you don't mind them that much then go on ahead and read Throne of Glass. But see, Assassin's Blade isn't all that exciting, around three-fourths of the book is about Celaena gallivanting around the desert and the best parts come around the last leg of the book (cough Sam Cortland cough). So if you're the kind of person who risks ditching a book in the middle of it then I'd highly recommend you read Throne of Glass BEFORE Assassin's Blade.

Bottom line 

It doesn't matter which way you read it, as long as you read both.

But be warned that Throne of Glass hints a few spoilers about Assassin's Blade. Also be warned that Assassin's Blade can be very, very, very painful. Here's a survival guide.

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