[United Kingdom + more] ACOTAR Tour Stops

Once again, Sarah comes back the United Kingdom (you lucky brits!!!); but unlike the Heir of Fire tour, this one's for her new and upcoming series A Court of Thorns and Roses (commonly referred to as ACOTAR), Here are the tour dates (which you guys must take note of!) for her UK tour:

(click on photo for better view)

But that's not all! Oh, no no no, it doesn't end there.

Sarah also announced that she's headed to Australia and New Zealand for her ACOTAR tour (!!!!!!), don't believe me? watch her announcement below!

There'll be more details to come about her US tour (yes, there will be one) and her upcoming Queen of Shadows tour, so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to get the first scoop on everything Throne of Glass (and Sarah J. Maas!!!).

If any of you guys get the chance to attend her book signings, don't forget to tag us in your photos (and make us super jelly) or tweet us while waiting to get your books signed and get a chance to be featured on the site (with your permission of course)!

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Queen of Shadows cover reveal

You've probably already seen it around the web, but if you haven't THE QUEEN OF SHADOWS (Throne of Glass #4) COVER IS HERE, IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE:

US cover


UK cover

It's final, I have a new favourite cover. 

Sarah discusses a few details on the cover and what they mean on her livejournal blog. We've enumerated them below! (Beware!! Some Heir of Fire spoilers ahead!)

Does the sword have any significance?

Yes, and no. The sword on the cover doesn’t actually appear on the book. Just like how Aelin doesn’t have silver hair and gray skin (lol), the sword, along with the outfit, is an artistic interpretation. We considered using exact renderings of one of the two swords Aelin wields in Queen of Shadows (Goldryn and Damaris), but upon studying the comp images I dug up (and comparing them to some others I had on my Pinterest page), neither had that Murder Princess vibe that we were going for. So—yes: Aelin wields a badass sword in the book—it just doesn’t look like that one on the cover. (Which is totally fine by me, because LOOK AT THAT SWORDDDD!)

Does Aelin wear that armor/outfit in the book?

Sort of. Like the sword, this is an interpretation of what she wears. If you’ve read The Assassin’s Blade, you might remember Aelin/Celaena receiving a pretty badass/nifty/useful suit from Arobynn. And that suit may or may not make an appearance in QOS. ;)

Did she get a haircut? 

Yep. At the end of HOF (spoiler alert! Avert your eyes!), Aelin’s hair gets cut short during her battle with the Valg princes. So much of this cover is just a gorgeous/fierce interpretation of the book, but the hair length is the only thing that’s 100% accurate!

Is that Manon's cloak?

Haha, no. Smart guess, but no. We tried a few different cloak colors, but none of them really fit that gorgeous, bloody background as well as the maroon. (What I find eternally funny is that—aside from the gray skin—the Celaena/Aelin depicted on these covers is kinda how I picture Manon: silver hair, red cloak, otherworldly fierceness.)

When will we see the dress on the book?

Soon, hopefully! I haven’t even seen it yet, so I’m just as eager as you are! Aelin’s "big" dress in QOS is perhaps my favorite of all of them so far, and I’m dying to see how the illustrator interprets it!

You keep calling her Aelin, does that mean…….?

Yep. The last line of HOF solidified the switch from Celaena to Aelin. You guys might have noticed that when I pin images on the TOG Pinterest board, I’ll still label some images with Celaena and some with Aelin—and that usually is because those images will represent the various parts of her history and who she is. And looking at the QOS cover, I feel like that shift in her character is subtly reflected, too.
Sarah just loves teasing us, doesn't she? Sarah [angrily shakes fist] stop teasing us!

What do you guys think about the cover and these extra juicy details? Has it become your new favourite too?