Star in your own Throne of Glass Story

For the release of Crown of Midnight last 2013, the Bloomsbury team created a Throne of Glass story generator where YOU can star in your own ToG story. It's been tested (by me) and proven (also by me) that this generator-thing is absolute, absolute fun!!

There are four categories (or scenes) to choose from, all in all.

And in each category, you will be asked to fill in some information for your story, then the site will generate your story and by the wyrd, it's hilarious! On my first try, I filled it up with absolute random things like Bananas and tooth brushes and it came out comical!

Try it out now, simply click the button below!

Show Some Fan Pride With These Cool ToG Shirts

What better way to show Throne of Glass pride than wearing ToG-themed shirts?! 

Spreadshirt and Redbubble both having eye-catching, drool-worthy designs that would urge you to start saving money or to run to those websites ASAP and buy as much as you can! (I already ordered like around three, would've gotten four but I ran out of money).

Here are some of the designs:

If you're not really a shirt person, never fear!

THEY DON'T ONLY SELL SHIRTS BUT ALSO HOODIES! (All the designs from Redbubble have an option of being turned into a hoodie, tank top or shirt)

TANK TOPS, MUGS AND TOTE BAGS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE (from spreadshirt, just scroll down or check the next pages to find them)!

They've got a wider array of designs to choose from on their sites. If you do decide to buy, make sure to email us a picture or to tag (@throneglass) us so we can show them on the site!

History of the map in Throne of Glass

Have you ever wondered how the map in Throne of Glass came to be? Yeah, no? Well I haven't. When I saw Erilea's map in the book, I waved it off as one of those extras that authors or publishers deem necessary to add in a book.

But no! It actually has a story, and an interesting one at that.

How the Erilea Map came to be (from Sarah's livejournal):
Stick-figure sketches from me. yay!

"So, several years ago (god, I don’t even know how many, but it feels like ages ago, perhaps before I was even published), I was approached by a long-time fan about making a map for THRONE OF GLASS.

Her name was Kelly, and she lived in Israel (HOW COOL, RIGHT?!), she’d read the first three TOG books on FictionPress, and also had a penchant for making epic fantasy/Tolkien-esque maps. …And then she offered to make a map for me. For free. For fun.

Obviously, I FREAKED, and sent her the horrible, embarrassing, totally unrealistic map I’d drawn of Erilea (the world of THRONE OF GLASS). A few weeks later, she sent me back a map that BLEW MY MIND. It was elegant and beautiful and made my world look cool and epic and—basically, it was everything I’d dreamed it’d be.

Flash forward a few years—to this past winter/spring, actually. I got an email from Bloomsbury, asking if I had a map (however vague/awful it might be) of the world of THRONE OF GLASS that they could send to a map designer/artist (they were in the process of looking for one).

My response? “OH HELL YES I HAVE A MAP THAT YOU COULD SHOW A DESIGNER.” (Obviously, I answered a bit more gracefully than that.)

So, I sent them the map that Kelly had drawn.

And they were so impressed and amazed by Kelly’s map that they wrote back, asking if I thought Kelly might be interested in designing the official map for the book.

Anddd I basically told them that if it were possible to hire Kelly, then having a FictionPress fan design the map for THRONE OF GLASS would be the coolest thing EVER."

-- THE END --

Join The Team: Be A Contributor On Our Site!

Hello! We're looking for contributors and account managers! It's becoming a tad hard keeping up with all the affairs in the Throne of Glass fandom, whilst handling other ToG social fan accounts simultaenously. It's also really lonely doing it alone. [insert sad face] Though yes, I've had help from a few people along the way, they're long gone by now and their empty seats are just begging to be taken!

**NOTE: If you wish to promote your own social media platforms using ours then we are absolutely okay with it for as long as you do not spam our viewers/followers. More on this later on… 


You'll be doubling as a news reporter as well as a journalist! [fun!] It'll be your job to stay up-to-date on what's happening in the Throne of Glass world (release dates, snippets, tours, news, updates from the author etc.) and post about it on this site! 

You won't be confined to news only of course. You are free to post about anything relating to Throne of Glass (kindly run it through the admins first though), like dream casts, survival guides, DIYs and more!

What we're looking for (not required):
  • Someone with blogging experience. I'd personally really appreciate someone who knows the basics on handling a blog (how to post, labelling, etc.). However, your blogging experience or lack thereof will not restrict us from choosing or denying you. We accept new bloggers, old bloggers and even people looking to start blogging! 
  • Speaks (or knows) fluent english. This site's key language is English, most of its readers are accustomed to English and those that do not have the language as their mother tongue can fairly understand it for it is the universal language. English does not need to be your vernacular (it's not mine either) but a certain fluency is required in order to compose posts for we will be asking that they be written in English. 
Twitter Account Manager/s

You are expected to manage our twitter account. It is desirable that you post only about Throne of Glass and/or the author, it's characters and anything relating to its world. 

What we're looking for (not required):
  • Someone with Twitter experience. Similar to that of the requirements for contributor, I would really, really appreciate it if you've had somewhat of an experience with handling twitter but it does not limit me from accepting or declining. You do not need to own a twitter account to sign up for the position. 
Instagram Account Manager/s

Like that of the role of a Twitter account manager, you'll be handling our Instagram account, preferably posting mostly edits like such;

or practically anything related to Throne of Glass (by the Wyrd, I've said this so many times, I'm sorry! hahaha). There are further details to handling our Instagram account but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

What we're looking for (not required but will play a role in our decision): 
  • Someone with basic editing skills. We are not looking for a pro, just someone we can leave the to account knowing she/he will be able to keep it's aesthetics intact. 
  • Someone with knowledge on using Instagram. It's not fairly hard to learn and would be great fun to work your way around discovering Instagram (if you haven't already) but again, as mentioned, not having to teach someone the ropes would be a great plus. 

Tumblr Blog Manager/s

Our Tumblr blog manager's responsibility is to keep maintenance of the blog, he/she will be expected to keep it active by posting/reblogging stuff about Throne of Glass, the author etc. (you know the drill). You're going to yada yada yada, it's the same as the role as that of a Twitter/Instagram account manager, except the platform will be Tumblr.

What we're looking for (this is required):
  • Someone with a Tumblr account. Tumblr, unlike Instagram or Twitter, is not that easy to figure out without some form of background knowledge. I would be happy to help out anyone wanting to explore this newfound territory; however, I am still exploring it myself and am not the best teacher. (I might end up teaching you the wrong thing).
  • Someone with basic editing skills
**NOTE: … about the promoting, we do not mind if you occasionally give your blog/account a shootout through ours, it is the least we can do for your help.