Show Some Fan Pride With These Cool ToG Shirts

What better way to show Throne of Glass pride than wearing ToG-themed shirts?! 

Spreadshirt and Redbubble both having eye-catching, drool-worthy designs that would urge you to start saving money or to run to those websites ASAP and buy as much as you can! (I already ordered like around three, would've gotten four but I ran out of money).

Here are some of the designs:

If you're not really a shirt person, never fear!

THEY DON'T ONLY SELL SHIRTS BUT ALSO HOODIES! (All the designs from Redbubble have an option of being turned into a hoodie, tank top or shirt)

TANK TOPS, MUGS AND TOTE BAGS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE (from spreadshirt, just scroll down or check the next pages to find them)!

They've got a wider array of designs to choose from on their sites. If you do decide to buy, make sure to email us a picture or to tag (@throneglass) us so we can show them on the site!

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